Yes, it is possible to come off psychiatric drugs safely!


"I was on Klonopin for 27 years, prescribed by my doctor, who never told me that this was a drug to be used for short term therapy only. I started with 1 milligram a day and eventually through the years had to increase the dose to 3 miligrams a day due to the physical discomfort of not having that drug in my body. That's equivalent to almost 30 milligrams of Valium daily. I was always tired and sleepy. I had tried several times previously to taper off on my own but I couldn't do it. I trembled, had trouble falling and staying asleep and had a loss of appetite .... I tapered by 1/4 milligram every 3 to 5 weeks. The biggest challenge was falling and staying asleep. ... My life now is so much better. I have read that it could take several years for your body and mind to fully recover from this terrible drug. Each day for me now gets a little bit better. I have so much more energy and I think clearly." M.A.


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How to Withdraw from Psychiatric Drugs

What We Do

Our foundation researches and publishes information on ways to safely and effectively help you withdraw from psychiatric drugs.


Our program is based on tapering—a gradual reduction of the psychotropic medication—and using specific nutrients to minimize withdrawal side effects.


Some of hose side effects  often include insomnia and unwanted feelings that made a person to start taking the drugs in the first place.


If you are experiencing these but have not yet started taking psychiatric medication, the nutrition program can help you.


We also recommend that you get a thorough medical examination to detect any underlying conditions, such as allergies and hormonal imbalances.


Thousands of people have used our program to help them on the road to a  healthier, drug-free life.








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Psychiatric drugs are chemicals that have been specifically designed to move from the blood stream into the brain (cross the blood-brain barrier).


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When you come off from a psychiatric drug, it is important you give your body nourishment to help minimize the withdrawal side effects.


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Medical Supervision

Medical supervision and monitoring of withdrawal effects by a doctor is important to help make your drug withdrawal a success.


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Withdrawal Effects

If you have used psychiatric drugs even for a short time, your withdrawal can be both physically and emotionally very stressful.


Omega 3, vitamin D3, passion flower, theanine, GABA.

Nutrition Program

Based on our research, the company Genext Nutrition has produced supplements for nutritional support during tapering.


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Foundation Support

We are a non-profit organization that offers free information and support to you and your doctor.


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Tapering Program

The reason for tapering—gradually and slowly weaning off a medication—is to minimize withdrawal effects so you can successfully come off the drug.


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Benzo withdrawal

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