1.Become familiar with what to expect

Read the information on this website so that you know what to do and what you can expect when you withdraw from the medication.


2. Find a doctor who wants to help you

Working with a doctor who can monitor your progress and wants to help you when you have withdrawal side effects is a big part of making your withdrawal a success.


3. Get the supplements you need for the program

You should have two months supply of the nutrients you need for the program. It is important that you don't run out of a supplement once you have begun the tapering.


4. Get the tapering supplies you need

If you are not going to have your pharmacy make up the medication for you based on your tapering schedule, we recommend you get these supplies to calculate the tapering doses.


5. Pre-taper

Before you start tapering, you should take the supplements for about a week or until you notice an improvement. You want to see how your body responds to the nutrients.


Follow the tapering schedule that you and your doctor have worked out.


7. Monitor your progress

It is a good idea to keep a record of your withdrawal. If you keep a journal where you grade your withdrawal symptoms day after day, you will be able to see your progress. Also, you can detect a persistent withdrawal symptom that you want to address with additional supplements or ask your doctor about.

8. If you are tapering from multiple drugs

Once you have withdrawn from the first drug, you and your doctor can select the next medication to withdraw from.


9. When you are medication free

Congratulations! You have succeeded with something that takes a great deal of willpower. It is important that you don't abruptly stop taking the supplements that you have been using during the tapering. It is a good idea to use at least the Basic Tapering Package for a month or two. Nutritional deficiencies could have caused some of the symptoms that you had in the past.

Withdrawing from Street Drugs or Pain Killers

Our program is made to help withdraw from psychiatric medication. If you want information about coming off street drugs or pain killers, email us and we will share with you our recommendations—where to get information about the drugs and where to turn for an effective program.

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